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Storm in Thessaloniki floods homes, hail in Trikala (picts, videos)

Homes and businesses were flooded and motorists were trapped in their cars when the bad weather front stroke Thessaloniki in North Greece on Thursday night. At the same time, a hail fall that lasted half an hour covered the roads with millions of ice balls and destroyed agricultural products in the fields in Trikala, Central Greece.

The Fire Service and municipality workers were pumping water and trying to remove mud from homes still on Friday morning as a stream flooded in Antikipi suburb in the West of Thessaloniki.

In Efkarpia that was also hit by a powerful thunderstorm, firefighters rescued nine people who were trapped in their flooded homes.

In some cases, they had to rescue motorists trapped in flooded roads.

Video: firefighters rescue senior couple and their pet.

Several traffic accidents took place in the flooded and slippery roads of the city and in its suburbs.

The storm left behind damaged houses and shocked people.

A mother of six told local media that the waters stormed in the family home and she managed to save her children going on the house roof. She was rescued by the Fire Service.

Another thunderstorm is forecast to strike the area on Friday.

Hail in Trikala

A severe thunderstorm stroke the East of Trikala in Central Greece last Thursday afternoon. there was a severe thunderstorm in the east of Trikala.

Later, a strong hail fall hit the area of Farkadona.

Locals spoke of unprecedented conditions, with the hail covering roads and crops.

Farmers speak of severe damages in cotton, corn and clover crops.The cotton harvest was scheduled to start today. It will never take place…

Weather Forecast

The bad weather front continues also as of Friday noon. Areas affected are the Ionian Sea, West, Central and South Greece. In the night to Saturday, rainfalls and thunderstorms are forecast for the  South Ionian and West Peloponnese.

Analytical Weather Forecast here.

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