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Cook tourists “kicked out” from Corfu hotel? Hoteliers statement

Corfu, September 24,2019: “Security personnel asked Thomas Cook clients to either check out immediately by 12 o’ clock noon or pay 50 euros per person, per room and per night.” The complaint was posted by British tourist Hayley Amie Hook on his Facebook page.

The incident apparently took place, on the second day after the British tour operator collapsed.

The complaint was picked up by Greek daily ethnos that incorrectly wrote “the incident took place on Thursday,” and also by BBC.

A very negative image for the famous Greek hospitaliy and the tourism industry.

The “noise” forced the Hoteliers Association on Corfu t issue a statement trying to put things right, as the complaint “is not ultimately based on real events.”

“The hotel owner told the Union that the incident happened on Tuesday morning and not today (Thursday), before the settlement of the payment was cleared,” the statement notes.

“Customers were initially asked to actually pay the money for their remaining days, however, after clarifying that the British ATOL would pay all accommodation costs for English customers from the day of Thomas Cook’s bankruptcy until their departure, tourists stayed in their rooms as usual and offered them an “apology” for the inconvenience and a bottle of wine,” the statement cites the Panorama Hotel owner.

Concerning the presence of security guards, the hotel owner said that “they were in the area without disturbing any tourists, due to the tension initially created and to ensure safety for workers should the tension increase.”

According to the hotel owner, “the tension was created only by a couple who eventually decided to leave the hotel on their own decision and not because they were driven out of the facility.”

It should be noted that the majority of customers reportedly have already departed on special occasional flights at the end of their holiday this morning, with the business being paid for these days (from Monday to today) by ATOL insurance capital.

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  1. ah well you know the pommie media. The thieves who retain our Parthenon segments and so much more ILLEGALLY, who have bagged HELLAS since day 1 of eleftheria and who consistently stick their noses into Hellenic affairs just wish to destroy the Hellenic tourism industry.

  2. We were in Panama sidari until Monday 23, which was the first day of the Thomas Cook collapse, and all staff and management couldn’t have been more helpful.