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Excavation in Zominthos, Crete, unearths Linear A tablets, other amazing findings

The Minoan palace of Zominthos in the northern foothills of Mount Ida (Psiloritis)  is developing in one of the best-researched and most important archaeological sites on the island of Crete.

This year’s excavation has revealed important and amazing findings.

According to the Greek Culture Ministry, one of the findings is a clay tablet in hieroglyphics of Linear A. The tablet has 217 three-footed tripod vessels, with the ideogram next to the symbols of numbers.

The tablet is of accounting character and records objects, thus indicates the organization of the palace complex. It was found at a key point of the building, where jewels, seals and two bronze figurines had been dropped from the upper floor in earlier excavations. Underneath  are the remains of the older palace.

Writing of the same system, with many elements of Linear A, is also engraved on the stone gravel found in a room that was used for religious practices, but also on a vase found in a different place.

Other findings include round tablets, clay vessels and a bone inlay.


But also a piece from a bull idol.


The remnants of clay pipes of a sophisticated drainage system were also found.

One key finding is the confirmation that under the Neo-palatial building, there was an older one founded on rocks, occupying a larger area.


During the Neo-Palatial period (1700-1600 BC) and after a major earthquake, several changes were made, such as that at the northeast entrance of the complex.

During the same period, large terraces / terraces were created on the south side of the hill.

More information about the findings and pictures on the website of the Culture Ministry in Greek.

Zominthos is roughly 7.5 kilometers west of the village of Anogia, on the path from Knossos to Idaion Andron, the great sanctuary cave near the peak of Ida. Zominthos is best known for the large Minoan building discovered there; signs of permanent settlement date back to about 1800 BC.

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