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Torrential rainfalls on Syros, Andros, thunderstorm on Cyclades (videos, picts)

Streets turned into rivers, homes and shops were flooded, landslides occurred, vehicles were swept away form the waters of flooded rivers and streams and motorists were trapped in their cars after a heavy rain- and thunderstorm hit several islands of the Cyclades group in the Central Aegean Sea on Monday night.

Most affected were the islands of Syros and Andros. Thunderstorms hit the Cyclades islands of Sifnos, Tinos and Milos.


The heavy rainfall caused severe problems on the island of Andros last night.

Landslides occurred in Apokia and Stenies, rocks fell in several parts of the Poryopatos-Paleopolis area.

The main road was closed to traffic between Gavrio and Stavropeda, between Apokikia and Vourkoti.

Streams and rivers were flooded, the river of “Achla” overflowed reportedly causing great damage in the area.

In Stenies, three vehicles were swept away by rushing waters.

The latest information says that the river “Achla” overflowed causing great damage.

There are no reports about injuries or fatalities.

The daylight shows some of the damages the rainstorm caused on Andros.


The storm stroke the island of Syros around midnight and temporarily turned capital Ermoupolis into a Greek ….Venice.


Thunderstorm over the port of Sifnos.


Amazing snapshots of thunderstorm over Tinos by Markos Vidalis


Spectacular shot over Milos by Yannis Kiritdis

sources: androsportal, kapoutheos, meteorologika nea syros

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  1. The last picture from Milos looks like a Godzilla from the ECB spewing its destruction over the island.