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3-year-old toddler forgotten in kindergarten bus for hours. Arrests

A 3-year-old boy was forgotten in a kindergarten bus, where he spent four hours locked up in an empty vehicle.  When he was found and released from the torture, the boy was so shocked that he did not speak for several hours.

The incredible incident took place in Pallini area of East Attica on Tuesday morning.

The mother told media that she had helped her son into the busy at 7:30 a.m. The kindergarten call her at 11 o’ clock asking whether the boy was “sick” and therefore “absent from the kindergarten.”

The mother was shocked and informed the school administration that she had personally accompanied the child to the bus.

The school staff started to search around and found the toddler still on his seat with the safety belt around and in tears.

The mother and his grandfather brought the child to a hospital for a health check. Doctors reportedly found out that the boy had increased blood sugar, possibly from the shock. He did not speak for three hours, the mother told media.

“Mama, I was alone and I was crying,” the toddler told his mother after he found his voice back.

According to media, the incident occurred inside the school court yard. The children arrived with the school bus and then a second bus transported them to the entrance of the building.

It was during the transfer  from one bus to the other that the boy was “forgotten.”

Police has arrested the school director, the bus driver and the accompanying staff.

The toddler’s grandfather said that it looks that the director will not be charged.

The toddler’s family demands sanctions also against the administration of the private school saying “we signed the contract with the school, not with the driver.”

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  1. I am amazed that someone that regularly transports children did NOT check the bus before they left. Were they the first one off?? Does no one do a head count? Put the kids ON the bus — count heads. Take the kids OFF the bus — count heads. Seriously, how hard is it?

    When I was in Greece last I heard about a girl left locked in a classroom after everyone had gone. The teacher “didn’t see her” because she had bent over to tie her shoe. This would get me FIRED here. And something to think about…. why couldn’t the door be opened from the inside, regardless of whether or not the door was locked on the outside. All classroom doors in government public schools are “on the lock”, but you can always exit!