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Molotov cocktails and tear gas in students’ protest in Athens

Another students’ protest turned ugly. Police fired tear gas after a group with hoods hurled stones and molotov fire bombs at them on Monday noon.

the protest rally was marching from University of Athens to the Parliament opposite Syntagma square in downtown Athens.

At Vassilisis Sofias avenue, a group of people wearing hoods started the attack against the riot police forces.

According to media information, the group attacked also a photographer of a news agency, who was slightly injured on the head.

Police detained four people and arrested one. The arrested student had reportedly a back-bag with molotov cocktail bombs,

Despite the tension and the suffocating atmosphere due to the tear gas, the students’ continued their rally chanting slogans “We want a school that shapes, not kills.”

Students and pupils protest the changes planned by the Education Ministry but also the fact that “almost two months after the start of new year, teachers have not being assigned to classes even for courses included in the nationwide exams” for university entrance.

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