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Students occupy Universities, police on high alert for 1973 Uprising Commemorations

Students have occupied more than 30 university departments across the country to protest the abolition of the “university asylum” and the police intervention to the Economic University in Athens on Monday. Ahead off the 17. November commemoration of the Students’ Uprising in 1973, police is on high alert and prepares draconian security measures.

The police’s decision to invade the Economic University because a group of student broke the “lock out” imposed by the Senate sparked strong reactions especially as students felt the the rudeness and the force of police officers.

AT least two students were reportedly injured. One denounced extensive police violence during detention. “They took my keys and went home, they scared my grandma who was alone, he told private Alpha TV.

The atmosphere is explosive, students accuse the government and the police of “authoritarian” methods.

Students clashed with police in Patras on Tuesday when they marched through the city in NW Peloponnese in solidarity.

Students in Athens have called for a protest on Thursday, Nov 14.

Draconian security measures

Ahead of the 3-day commemoration festivities to mark the Polytechnio Day, police plans to take draconian measures to prevent attacks against them but also damages in the city by anti-authoritarian groups.

5,000 police officers will be reportedly deployed in downtown Athens from Friday to Sunday, Nov 15-17, 2019. At the same time, teams on motorbikes, drones and helicopters will monitor the situation around the Polytechnic School in Exarchia district of Athens and the rally to the US Embassy.

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