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Ferries remain docked due to powerful winds in Aegean, Ionian Sea

The Greek Shipping and port authorities imposed a sailing ban for ferries and ships sailing in certain parts of the Aegean and the Ionian Sea early Wednesday afternoon. Reason for the ban are the powerful winds blowing with intensity of up to 8 and 9 Beaufort.

Some ferries schedules especially for the Cyclades and the central Aegean had to be cancelled.

Currently the sail passage Kyllini-Poros, Kefalonia and Kyllini-Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea are closed to sea traffic.

Closed are also the passages Pachi,Megara – Salamina, Agia Marina-Nea Styra, Evia, KAvala-Prinos, northern Greece.

Wind Intensity Forecast

According to meteorologist at the National Meteorological Service, Thodoris Kollydas, the winds are expected to weaken on Wednesday night and the sailing ban is for “a couple of hours.”

Travelers should check with local port authorities and travel agents if they plan to travel by the sea.

A barometric low has been hitting Greece since the early morning hours of Wednesday with snow in the north of the country and short but powerful rainfalls in other regions, including Greek capital Athens.

In Florina, West Macedonia, locals enjoyed their coffee in the sun and 19 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. On Wednesday, they woke up in a snowy landscape with temperature at -3 Celsius.

Meteorologists have warned of sharp temperature drop of over 15 degrees Celsius.

Authorities have issued a weather warning about the intense weather phenomena.

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