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Greece to reward “whistleblowers” for unclaimed inheritances

The Greek state is seeking for “whistleblowers” and will also reward them, if they give information about unclaimed inheritances. The whistleblowers can earn 10% of the value of the unclaimed assets.

This was decided by Deputy Finance Minister Apostolos Vesyropoulos on Tuesday.

According to the decision, anyone with information about any estate without a claimant could earn up to 10 percent of the value of said assets (after their resolution) by informing the ministry’s competent department.

The reward will be handed over after the liquidated assets have come into the state’s ownership. Preconditions is that five years have passed since the death of the property owner and authorities have not received any notification about the inheritance from another source.

Alternatively, the reward may also apply in the case of a retrial or reversal of a final decision or compromise where the state or a state entity receives some or all of the assets concerned. [kathimerini,]

PS what is this now? The state wants to seize whatever stands around?

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  1. until the people finally wake up and abolish this system, it will continue devouring everything. they will never be satisfied.
    it’s as simple as that.