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Greek Health Ministry to produce antiseptics from confiscated Methanol

The Greek Finance Ministry is preparing a legislation that will allow the production of disinfectants from confiscated methanol traditionally used to adulterate drinks. Aim of the legislation is to tackle shortages of antiseptics in the country due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

The legislation will allow the Independent Revues Authority to donate to the Health Ministry a quantity of methanol that has been seized or confiscated as a “product of smuggling.” Furthermore, it will allow the Health Ministry to have antiseptics produced, based on a report prepared by the Chemistry Department in charge.

According to information, the donated quantity refers to at least 120 tons of seized or confiscated methanol.

The same legislation stipulates that the production of antiseptics by private companies on behalf of the Ministry of Health is exempted from the relevant Value Added Tax, with the right to VAT deduction on business expenses.

The innovative action is in cooperation of the Ministries of Health and Justice, state-run news agency amna reports.

It should be noted that the budget of the Ministry of Health has already been increased by 15 million euros for the supply of necessary health care material.

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