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Priests sprinkle streets with holy water against COVID-19 (video)

On the back of a pickup truck, priests sprinkled with holy water the streets of Aigio in order to protect the people and the town from the coronavirus.

The two priests had climbed on the back of a farmer’s pickup truck that took them around the town of Aigio in northern Peloponnese on Tuesday.

“Unbelievable but true!” commented the reporter of Patras TV on the video. He said that the priests had the blessing of the local Bishop for this unique rescue action.

He recalled that the former Bishop of the area, retired  Bishop Ambrosios, had recently urged the faithful to use holy water to protect themselves from the virus.

Ambrosios had claimed that he had found THE only medicine against the coronavirus and that was a small spray bottle full of holy water.

He advised the faithful to “find a bottle, fill it with holy water” and when it’s almost over to add [plain] water.

If you add water to the Holy Water, “it sanctifies,” he underlined.

“You will use it for spraying yourself, putting it in your mouth and in your hands, if you are afraid of getting sick because you touched an infected, say ‘Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me. This is the eternal and indefinable medicine. The Great Holy Water,” Ambrosios told the congregation beginning of the month.

PS 5 people in the truck during lockdown allowing just two? Where is the police? Or do they have permit for mass exodus  from God?

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  1. Thank God for these priests. Maybe perhaps the police there support their actions and won’t bother them? I’d rather put my faith in God’s miracles than put my faith in government and wind up miserable or in hell.