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First confirmed case on Naxos; death toll due to coronavirus rises to 81

The first case of coronavirus has been confirmed on the island of Naxos in the Cyclades. Infected is a 49-year-old man, member of the local Coast Guard, working at the Port Authority.

The officer had been reportedly on sick leave with a special purpose permit as he belonged to high-risk groups. At some point he fell ill and he remained at home following the doctors’ instructions. However, his condition worsened and he was taken to Naxos Hospital on Sunday with symptoms of a respiratory infection.

He was placed in an isolated room and tested positive on COVID-19. He is expected to be transferred to a designated hospital in Athens.

Authorities on the island have started to track down the man’s contacts and began with taking samples from his relatives. Samples have been also taken from health workers at Naxos hospital and members of the Port Authority.

Meanwhile, the number of coroanvirus related deaths increased to 81 on Tuesday morning. A 42-year-old man from Halkidiki died in a designated hospital in Thessaloniki and an 89-year-old woman in Athens. both had underlying health issues.

According to official data, the total number of confirmed cases in the country were 1,755 on Monday evening.

A 46-year-old Greek, infected with COVID-19, has died in a hospital in Mexiko. The man was financial director on a cruise ship. Other crew members were infected as well, ANT1 TV reported.

A retired journalist from Crete has died in Paris.

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