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Doctors, nurses applaud Argentinian woman discharged from ICU after 3 weeks

With doctors and nurses applauding her, a COVID-19 patient,a 63-year-old woman from Argentina was discharged from the ICU of the Herakleio hospital after she was treated there for three weeks.

“The chances were overwhelming against her,” wrote Director of ICU Anestis Kioulpalis on his Facebook account.

“Emotions run high. Our first patient with serious coronavirus infection was discharged from the ICU and transferred to the pulmonology clinic. The chances were overwhelming against her. However, she succeeded thanks to the efforts of those behind me, the nurses and the doctors of the unit and all the employees in the hospital, who with self-denial and professionalism, offered what they always give to our patients: the chance for survival,” Kioulpalis wrote.

The woman, a passenger on cruise ship Costa Victoria on route from Oman to Venice, when she fell ill with high fever and bronchitis symptoms. Crete was not a destination of the cruiser, however, it approached the island as the patient was in urgent need of hospitalization.

On March 20, the cruise ship anchored off Messaras and the patient was transferred ashore on a boat. An ambulance took her immediately to Venizeleio public hospital in Herakleio.

She was tested positive to COVID-19 and was admitted to ICU with severe respiratory failure.

Although Venizeleio is not a designated hospital for coronavirus patients, she received best treatment and managed to beat the virus.

She was underlying health issues, state broadcaster ERT TV reported.

the woman is the 16th coronavirus patient in Greece to be discharged from the ICU.

In Thriasio hospital in Athens, another COVID-19 patient was discharged from ICU. Kyr-Giorgos (Mr George) applauded back to doctors and nurses who hailed his discharge.

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