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Greece extends travel ban for non-EU nationals, flights from/to several EU countries

With a joint ministerial decision, Greece extended the restrictive measures – travel ban – concerning air and sea traffic from abroad on Wednesday. According to the decision by the Health and Interior Ministry and the Civil Protection that will be  published to the Official Gazette during the day:

Flights to/from Turkey, UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Germany remain banned May 15. 2020. Flight from/to Germany are allowed only to the International Airport in Athens.

Third-country nationals will not be allowed to enter Greece until May 18. 2020.

European Union nationals and according to Schengen Agreement are not affected by the bans.

Greece has imposed a lockdown on March 23 and a travel ban to non-EU nationals as well as flights to/from Turkey and UK.

With 102 deaths and a little over 2,000 confirmed cases – although no COVID-19 tests in the general population, the Greek government is preparing to start gradual lifting of the restrictions in early May. It will most probably follow the World Health Organization for gradual lifting of the lockdown in a pace of two weeks.

Government spokesman Stelios Petsas said on Wednesday, that around April 27, citizens will be informed about the plan to lift the coronavirus restrictions.

See here a rough plan of the lockdown lifting in Greece.

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  1. Giuseppina Polegri

    In Italy the cases of Covid19 are far fewer than Germany and I don’t find it right that the Germans can enter Greece before the Italians!

    • Italy total cases: 168,941; last week 25,315
      Germany: 137,698; last week 19,517

      Italy total deaths: 22,170
      Germany: 4,052

      Try getting the correct facts. This seems to be a general problem across the internet, that people invent nonsense.

  2. Johann von Krause

    The information regarding travel from Germany contradicts the info on the website of the Getman Embassy.
    Are you sure that German citizens are not affected by the travel ban?