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Greek patient recovered from COVID-19 tested positive again

A female patient who had apparently fully recovered from COVID-19 was again tested positive to coronavirus. The woman was infected with the virus and was hospitalized in Evangelismos around the end of March. She was discharged from a hospital in Athens on April 6.

It is the first time such an incident is being recorded in Greece and has set on alert the medical services. Ηowever, similar cases have been recorded also in other countries.

Speaking to Mega TV on Sunday noon, doctors appeared reassuring and emphasized that the positive test does not  necessarily mean that the patient was infected anew.

The patient has been reportedly hospitalized again since Saturday evening, when the test results came out.

Professor for Infectious Diseases and spokesman of National Health Organization said on Saturday that virus detection via PCR molecular test 2-3 weeks after someone had recovered may be related to poor technique in taking samples.

He clarified, that based on published data from major research groups abroad, the long stay of the virus material in someone who has had the disease does not appear to be equivalent to infection or transmission.

Worth noting, however, that the World Health Organization WHO has said on Saturday that there is no evidence yet that recovered COVID-19 patients are immune.

While no new death was recorded from Friday to Saturday. Four more people died on Sunday increasing the total number of deaths in Greece to 134. One of the latest victim is a patient from the private clinic with massive infections.

16 new cases were confirmed on Saturday and 11 new cases on Sunday. The total infections stand at 2,517.

46 patients are intubated and a total of 64 have been discharged from the hospitals intensive care units.

A total of 64,608 tests have been conducted since the outbreak end of February.

The number of new confirmed cases has been constantly decreasing in the general population since the beginning of the week. However, there has been in increase of infections in closed facilities like a private clinic in Athens and an accommodation center for asylum-seekers in Kranidi, Peloponnese.

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