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Lockdown-fatigue: Greeks flock to promenades, queue outside public offices

Hundreds of residents of Thessaloniki flocked to Nea Paralia early Monday evening just minutes after the promenade was opened again to public, following two weeks of restrictive access.

Young and old, on foot or on bicycle, crowded along the seaside and enjoyed the warm weather and the sundown.

Police was controlling whether the people were complying with the movement permit requirements but they could not do anything else.

Unlimited access to Nea Paralia followed a relevant proposal by local authorities.

People enjoyed the day also on Tuesday.

It was a first taste of what is going to happen when the gradual lockdown lifting will start next week and Greeks will no longer need a movement permit to go out of their homes.

Tuesday morning, Greeks queued outside the Mortgage Office in Athens, one of the first public services opened to public before the official lockdown lifting. Some wore masks and gloves.

Two to maximum three people were allowed to enter at a time and therefore long queues were formed outside.

Police moved to the area to safeguard that the necessary distance was kept.

At the entrance the district court in Athens, members of the Red Cross have been conducted temperature measurements.

Some courts are open as of today with plexiglass protection, hwoever, judges and lawyers opposed the early opening.

Addressing the nation, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will announce the lockdown lifting roadmap at 6:00 p.m. Tuesday.

Greeks are eager to return to normalcy, however, the gradual lifting is accompanied with strict measures regarding safe distance and hygiene and mandatory use of face mask in closed places and public transport.

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