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Four new cases, no new deaths; “We have low immunity,” says Tsiodras

Four new confirmed COVID-19 cases but no new deaths, Greece’s  health authorities announced on Tuesday evening. The number of total coronavirus infections stands at 2.840.

Of the total infections 616 are related to travel abroad and 1,475 (51.9%) are related to confirmed cases in Greece.

22 patients are intubated in hospitals Intensive Care Units. Their average age is 73. Nine of them are women.

95.5% of the intubated patients have underlying health issues or are over 70 years old.

A total of 95 patients have been discharged from ICUs since the beginning of the outbreak.

Among the 165 deceased were 47 (28.5%) women.

The average age of the deceased was 75.

94%  had underlying health problems and /or were over 70 years old.

A total of 136,001 tests have been conducted since the outbreak in Greece in late February.


Regarding the spread of the coronavirus following the recent crowding on free beaches, public transport means and squares, Spokesman of National Health Organization and Professor for Infectious Diseases, Sotiris Tsiodras, said that that “we have to wait for another 15-20 days to see if the crowding contributed in any way to new spread.

With regards to virus spread among the general population, Tsiodras said that he is not considering that immunity in the population has increased. “We don’t have heard immunity either. We have low immunity,” he stressed.

The course of the disease in the country “is good as it results from the course of the indicators that we continue to monitor,” Tsiodras added.

New arrivals tested positive

Head of Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalias added that a total of 46,000 people have entered Greece since the beginning of the measure.

3,389 people are still in 14-day quarantine, he stressed, recalling that the measure of quarantine has been extended until May 31.

Tests are been conducted on passengers upon their arrival in Athens, who stay in a hotel for one day. If they are negative, they remain in quarantine in the the residence they have declared.  If they are positive, they stay in the hotel 14 days in total, Hardalias said.

Between May 8 and 18, 45 flights arrived, bringing 3,332 people to Greece. Only 10 passengers on these flights were infected.

A Lufthansa flight that arrived on Monday had 196 passengers – most of them from overseas transit flights. None of them was tested positive.

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  1. From what I’ve been reading here I thought international flights were banned. How are there so many people allowed to enter. Seems like the regulations are changing every day and getting a little more confusing. Let’s hope for some really positive, truthful news coming out very soon. Oh yes, and allowing Brits to enter Greece I foresee would be disastrous after all the efforts the Greek government has been doing to keep us all safe.