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They cut trees to kick out campers from Sougia beach on Crete

Campers and locals were shocked to see that the tragic cut of the trees at the beach of Sougia, an area where campers gather each year for their vacations.

According to a complaint posted on the internet by Anna Samata, president of the Board of Directors of the Association of Catering Entrepreneurs of the Prefecture of Chania, some people cut down the trees under which the campers usually put their tents.

“The trees are cut down so that no tent can be placed under them and the municipality shower was mysteriously dismantled,” Samata who posted also the picture wrote.

She added that teams of local police were patrolling in the area after the incident.

According to the local news website agonaskritis, the decision to cut down the trees -very deep pruning- was promoted by several shopkeepers and entrepreneurs who opposed the presence of the campers on the beach of Sougia,

Time to prune these trees in the month of November and not May.

It is not known whether the cutting of the trees was conducted by the Municipality.

Many locals reacted as they do want campers in the area.

Just a few days ago, on May 18, a police operation was carried out, with more than 10 vehicles with corresponding personnel, in order to remove the approximately … 12 campers who were at the spot.

Worth noting that tourist accommodations are still closed due to the coronavirus restrictions.

Similar incidents occur every year in the area, media report.

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