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Greece to start withdrawing single-use plastics as of July 1

Greece will introduce an end to the use of disposable, single-use plastics as of July 1, 2021, Environment & Energy Minister Kostis Hatzidakis said on Saturday. The end to single-use plastics will be introduced to the public administration sector six months before it goes public, on January 1,  to allow businesses and the public ample time to adjust.

He also announced that consumers will be provided with more incentives to encourage recycling of plastic single-use bottles, including a refund.

Greece will incorporate a related EU directive in a draft bill within June, the minister added.

“Every day, we use one million plastic cups of coffee in Greece,” he noted.

Correlating it to the overwhelming majority of garbage found in the sea – up to 85% of which is plastics, with 50% of these being single-use plastics, he said.

“This cannot continue, so we are moving ahead with this initiative, which the prime minister himself has strongly supported, and which must be done in tandem with citizens,” the minister stressed.

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  1. EllaHellas 👣🌞🇬🇷 why not now … why not July 2020 😥 it could be so easy to stop so much single-use plastic right away … come on & join the movement … ΕΛΑ Hellas Rocks Planet Pollution 🐢🐬🌱💧🌍

    • During corona, single use plastic wrapped straw seems prudent, bravo Greece for waiting til after 2nd wave hits.