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Australian travel platform labels Crete as “Ottoman”

One of the leading online travel platforms in the world, Australia-based “rome2rio” caused a storm of reactions, when it featured the island of Crete as “Ottoman.” This came at a time, when Turkey announced seismic surveys south of Crete.

Rome2rio is a travel information platform that helps, among other things, the travellers to reach to any location in the world by choosing the best possible option.

In one of the searches, the website suggests “7 ways to get from Fatih (Istanbul Municipality) to Ottoman Crete…”!

Note that Fatih is known to be one of the most Muslim-conservative suburbs in Istanbul.

According to Australian media SBS/Greek language program, the “Ottoman” Crete triggered a wave of reactions

Speaking to SBS Greek, the President of the Cretan Federation of Australia & New Zealand, Mr. Antonis Tsourdalakis, stated that legal proceedings have been initiated against the online travel platform, while the Federal Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, Mr David Coleman and Victoria’s Multicultural Affairs Minister, Mr Ros Spence, have also been informed.

“We know about the posting of this website, we have also informed the lawyers of our federation. We are in contact with the embassy and the consulate and several letters have already been written to the competent ministers, while the Police have also been informed about this “, he said.

The Greek Program of SBS Radio contacted the company via email to comment on what is written on its website, without, however, having received any response so far.

The travel platform rome2rio, based in Australia and Amsterdam, was the brainchild of Bernie Tschirren and Michael Cameron, who, according to their website, met at a pub in 2007.

Three years later they set up their business in Melbourne.


In the end, the platform rome2rio apologized for the label claiming a “production error”

“We experienced a production error during an automated update to our systems.”

“This resulted in several places being incorrectly labelled for a short period of time.

“We apologise to any person who was offended by this error.” wrote to a statement to SBS Greek the company.

The news was published in Greece as wells, and especially on Crete, they were not happy about it.

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  1. Sam Kostoulias

    This should be corrected as a party to this protest a apology in writing has been sent to the Greek embassy, Greek consulate in Melbourne, Greek community and the Cretan association.
    It would be greatly appreciated that this gets taken down. There is no need to inflame the matter.
    At least in Australia actions as such are taken seriously and acted upon promptly as possible.
    This was rectified in approximately 2-3 hours. Approximately 10-12 hours ago.
    Thank you kindly

    • keeptalkinggreece

      interesting intervention. We still see the news on Australian media, though.

  2. Achilleas Zorbas

    Unfortunately, such actions can not be considered as posted accidentally.
    Therefore, the submitted apology is not enough to reestablish the self explanatory of the declaration that 2/3 of Crete is ottoman land; as such a declaration was based on the recent announcement of a third party’s intension for border extension and reestablishment of the ottoman empire……
    Believe that basis on the same way of thinking then Hellenes should definitely refer on the Ionian land that historically belongs to them. Basis on this suggest the tourist company to post accordingly!