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Novartis investigation: FBI documents submitted to Greece’s Parliament

Documents of the American justifiable authorities and the FBI that investigated Swiss pharmaceutical company NOVARITS were submitted by the Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Ioannis Aggelis, to the president and the members of the special parliamentary committee for preliminary examination.

The documents had been requested by the special committee, after its last meeting, and after fruitless requests had been made by the pre-investigation committee for the transfer of the documents to the head of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, Eleni Touloupaki.

In general, the information provided by the documents for investigation 2016-2018 refer to:

a) the mode of action of the company NOVARTIS and the modus operandi in the legalization of illegal income,

(b) report the names of natural persons involved in money laundering,

c) the names of specific companies involved in money laundering,

(d) the names of (18) natural persons who have testified in the United States.

e) report fourteen (14) bank accounts used by NOVARTIS (document dated 22-6-2017),

f) report the way in which doctors promoted NOVARTIS products and the exchanges they received for this purpose.

the information provided are based on the testimonies of two protected witnesses, with one of them being former employee of the Novartis.

Some of the documents are in English and some translated in Greek.

All the foreign language documents of the American authorities state the term “UNCLASSIFIED”, which means “non-degradable”, “non-confidential”. There is also a significant number of documents from the United States that do not mention “non-use by other authorities.”

The documents have been published by protothema and tvxs.

other sources: amna, capital

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