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Echinos village placed under quarantine due to spike of infections and deaths

Greece’s Civil Protection placed the village of Echinos in the Prefecture of Xanthi, northeastern Greece, under quarantine due to spike of coronavirus infections and deaths in the last three days.

Health authorities recorded 73 new infections since June 11 and 5 deaths in the last three days. The latest victim is a 64-year old woman with underlying health issues who passed away on Thursday morning.

Restrictive measures were imposed in Echinos already on June 11, however, authorities decided for a total lockdown at an emergency meeting that lasted almost all night.

As of 6:00 a.m. Thursday, all stores except pharmacies and food stores are closed, the use of mask outside is mandatory,.

Residents are allowed to exit their homes only to go to pharmacy and food stores and cannot leave the village.

Food and medicine supply to stores is done with specific trucks.

The measures are in effect until 6 a.m. on June 25, when authorities will reassess the situation.

Health experts attribute the spike of infections in the village came after the Ramadan celebrations.

Epidemiology Professor, Athina Linou, told Skai TV that “the religious minority of Thrace was a backdoor, because they live in close contact. The crisis came after the Ramadan celebration.”

She stressed that it is up to public health officials to get the right message across.

“We should have taken care of these people and thoroughly informed them in their own language. It’s not their fault that we did not manage to convince them,” Linou pointed out.

“It simply came to our notice then. It is not the fault of those who did not succeed in convincing them “, the professor of epidemiology pointed out.

The village in the municipality of Myki has some 2,500 residents with the majority of them being Pomaks, Slavic Muslims who speak a Bulgarian dialect.

Echinos was placed under quarantine again in March, when a couple who worked in Germany returned to the village due to the pandemic circumstances.

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  1. Is Hydrochloroquine with zinc and a Zpak legal to use in Greece and is it available to anyone with a doctor’s prescription, or is it being suppressed? Has it been distributed to all regional health centre as well as the islands. Is is only available in full Hospitals not present on the islands that seem to have only small health centres?

    • Why do you want a drug that is useless at dealing with Covid-19 and is actually dangerous for your health? The damage it can cause to internal organs and the macula is very serious, leading to permanent and serious injury. The fact that Trump takes it suggests that it promotes brain damage, as well.