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Crete: Security guard at power operator kicks elderly man (video)

A distressed elderly man lays on the ground at the entrance of a local public power power distribution operator on the island of Crete. A security guard keeps kicking him without mercy. Bystanders shout at the bully and call the police.

The incident took place in Tsalikaki town on Thursday. The video recorded by some bystander has gone viral drawing criticism and a lot of swearing at the young guard, calling him “chicken” who tries to show off towards a vulnerable man.

The elderly man went to the local branch of the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator DEDDHE to settle an issue. The security guard told him that due to coronavirus measures he has to have arrange an appointment first.

The one word brought the other, and soon the two men were quarreling verbally and physically.

At some point the old man fell on the ground and the guard kept kicking him.

The Director of DEDHE Heralkio told local website neakriti that the elderly man ultimately managed to settle his issue as he was served by the branch staff.

Director Pavlos Verdoulakis stressed that the private security company has been called to give explanations for their staff’s behavior.

Is that all? No punishment for the guard?

PS who are the mothers and the fathers over there in Crete raising thugs? If they go so far to kick an elderly, no wonder animal abuse is high on the agenda of the island.

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  1. Dimitra Zervopoulos

    Elderly abuse, domestic abuse, child sex abuse & animal abuse are all PanHellenic epidemics. You can find many instances of all of the above all over the Greek mainland and on every island. Apparently, even countries that make it’s church part of the government produces ignorant, cruel and abusive people, especially it’s men. I guess greater familiarity with psychology, sociology and psych-sociology is gravely needed to stop the abusiveness in all it’s forms in GR

    • Oh right, Dimitra.

      So unlike the secular heavens of the USA, “Great” Britain [in practise] and France, Greece is a living hell of daily murders, perpetual violence, old people cowering in their homes afraid to step foot in the crime-ravaged streets, gangs roaming at night, and migrants screaming in fear from the mobs beating them in “fascist” Lesvos. Robbery, rape, crimes and death at the hands of strangers….that’s Greece for you. ALL of this due to the evil Orthodox church,,,,

      Oh and by the way, that’s called irony.