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Greece CAA revises flight ban to UK, bans flights to Serbia, changes PLF

Greece’s Civil Aviation Authority issued three aviation directives (notems) regarding the ban of direct flights to/from Serbia, the revision of the flight ban to/from UK and changes about the time travellers must fill the “Passenger Location Form” (PLF) before they arrive in Greece.

The Greek government spokesman announced on July 6 that Greece opens all its airports to flights to/from the UK on July 15, 2020.

A day earlier, Greek authorities banned the entry of Serbian citizens to the country due to sharp increase of coronavirus cases in the Balkan country.

Below the CAA directives as posted on the Civil Aviation website:

Flight ban to/from UK

The previous CAA directive valid until July 15 at 23:59 is revised and direct flights between the two countries are banned until Tuesday, 14. July 2020, at 23:59.

All flight to/from Greek airports from/to the respective British airports are permitted form 15. July 2020 without restrictions.

For the period of validity of the suspension of flights, ie until 14/7/20 there are the following exceptions: Cargo, sanitary, humanitarian aid, aircraft return only are allowed, ferry flights, state flights, state-of-the-art emergency flights, military flights, Frontex flights, fire fighting flights, flights that have technical failure without having to disembark the passengers (technical landings), the support flights of the National Health System of our country and the flights of repatriation of Greek Citizens, members of their family and holders of residence permits in our country approved by the Greek Foreign Ministry.

Flight ban to/from Serbia

Flights between Greece and Serbia are banned from today (July 6, 2020) until Wednesday, 15. July 2020 at 23:50.

Entry of Serbian citizens to Greece is banned too during the same time due to escalation of the pandemic in Serbia.

From the temporary suspension of flights to/from Serbia, the following exceptions apply: Family members of European citizens, citizens of Schengen countries, passengers traveling for essential & essential travel (essential reasons), health care staff, government function, specialized scientific staff necessary third-country nationals who have a long-term visa to a European country and Schengen country, government, diplomatic, military, humanitarian staff, students, passenger flights, crews and non-European nationals presenting the necessary documents issued by the Greek Consulate.

Changes to the mandatory completion of the PLF from 9 July

From Thursday, July 9 to Monday, August 31, 2020, the CAA informs that the mandatory completion of the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) by all passengers of international flights to Greece must be done 24 hours before check-in and not 48 hours as it is valid until 8/7/2010.

The form and detailed instructions how to complete the electronic form as well as for the QR Code for each passenger are here at

COVID-19 test for international flight passengers is provided in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, EODY and Civil Protection, the CAA notes in its statement.

Note that travellers receive a confirmation email upon submission of the PLF, the QR Code is received later, says the Civil Protection.

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