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33 new coronavirus cases in Greece, 24 detected among tourists

“Imported” coronavirus cases remain at two-digit level also on Wednesday, when Greek health authorities announced 33 new cases with 24 of them to have been detected among tourists. The number of total infections has increased to 3,622 and 103 have been recorded July 6-8, 2020.

With no new death recorded in the last 36 hours, death toll remain sat 193.

New Cases – Geographical distribution

21 of the 33 new cases have been detected at the entry points of the country. Another 3 people sought laboratories to undergo tests. Results were positive.

The remaining cases are 3 in Attica and 6 in Macedonia. Of these six, 2 are in Drama, 2 in Kastoria, 1 in Kavala and 1 in Xanthi.
According to media reports, infections rose by 17 in Attica, 8 in Aegean islands, by 6 in Ionian islands and by 3 on Crete in the last few days.
From Monday to Wednesday, July 6-8, a total of 103 coronavirus cases have been recorded with 77 of them to be among tourists.
Greece is on a slow upward trend.

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General information July 8

According to the Health Ministry statement on Tuesday, of the total 3,622 cases, 892 are related to travel abroad, 1,946 are related to an already known case. The rest are not related to travel or another known case or are still under investigation.

54.7% of the infected are men. Average age of the infected in 49 with age range between 0 and 102.

9 patients are intubated in ICUs.. Their average age is 58 years old, among them are 3 women. 88.9% of the patients have underlying health issues or are over 70 years old.

121 patients have been discharged from the ICUs since the beginning of the outbreak.

Number of coronavirus-related deaths stands at 193.

Among the deceased were 62 women. The average age of the deceased was 76 with range age between 35 and 102.

95.9% had underlying health issues and/or were over 70 years old.

According to the Health Ministry, a total of 355,190 coronvirus tests have been conducted since beginning of the year, 5,786 (1.6%) are positive. The data include several tests conducted on a single patient, as well.

37,853 (10.7%) tests have been conducted among flight passengers since June 12, the EODY statement said, adding that 75 are positive.

Media reported earlier today, that 28 COVID-19 patients are in hospitals ICUs and another 25 in clinics. On the last day of June, it was 23 in hospitals and 18 in clinics.

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  1. For the life of me, I can not understand why the Greek government has not made tourists have a Covoid-19 test within 48 hours prior to departure from their country before flying to Greece…. of course this infection rise is going to happen with current criteria … Do they expect that people coming to Greece were immune before departure!!!
    Unless they enforce this procedure, there is going to be a very big problem in Greece….. They need to stop it now and start new rules with immediate effect.
    a covoid-19 test done withing 48 hours of departure, the airline needs to see the negative result before boarding, another test on arrival, 24 hours isolation (self imposed) once results are out you are free…. it will reduce the load… if the passenger returns a positive result on arrival, they are made to quarantine at their own expense for 14 days.
    This will not eliminate 100% but it will eliminate the majority…. 2020 is already a write off, these measures will help stop the spread in Greece with hope of a faster recovery….

  2. 128 persons from TUI flight from Stockholm Sweden was all rested at arrivals in Rhodes nobody had corona .
    So Greece should only have Tourists from Sweden.
    But it’s only political, to get votes, ohh look we did better than Sweden , Sweden donot care about their people,
    this corruption politicians so many years been corroborated suddenly thinking of their people it’s pathetic.