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Ruling New Democracy to prosecute ex SYRIZA minister

Ruling party New Democracy intends to propose the prosecution of former SYRIZA minister Dimitris Papangelopoulos on a series of charges when it presents its own report to the parliamentary investigative committee examining the former minister’s actions later on Wednesday.

Among the charges for which the ruling party wants Papangelopoulos to stand trial are morally instigating criminal abuse of authority and attempted extortion, instigating breach of duty, accepting bribes and forming a criminal organization.

Dimitris Papangelopoulos was deputy Justice Minister during the SYRIZA government.

ND reportedly accuses him of “staging” the Novartis scandal and “involved the names of ND politicians” for political purposes.

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  1. well, the whole concept of immunity from the law for high ranking government officials was a disgusting perversion of justice from the beginning. Why dont we simply abolish the immunity completely instead of this nonsense where whoever’s in government selectively picks one or two from other parties to make a show over about how theyre somehow ‘fighting corruption’?