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Greece’s Civil Protection: Testing, countries of imported cases July 1-19

After two months break, the live briefing on coronavirus by the Civil Protection resumed on Tuesday and the Head Nikos Hardalias gave some figures about testing and confirmed cases both in the local community and among tourists.

A total of 918,032 people have entered Greece in the period July 1-19, 2020, Hardalias said adding that  620,652 people entered the country through the airports, 48,720 through ports and 248,660 through the land borders.

At the same time, the number of tests during this period amounts to 127,900 that is 13% of the travellers underwent a COVID-19 test. Specifically:

98,284 tests were carried out at airports, 6,119 at ports and 23,497 at land borders.

The number of confirmed cases among those entering the country was 295 in the period July 1-19, with the cases from Balkan countries to be at 225, that is 76%.

53 of the confirmed cases among travellers are still active, 35 are not active and the rest have returned to their countries.

“The majority of confirmed cases among tourists are from Serbia (78), followed by Bulgaria (63), Romania (61), Albania (23) and the USA (6),” Hardalias said.

“”We knew that there would be imported cases with foreign visitors, but we put in operation the system for screening travelers and tracking possible cases, so that both visitors and those who work and live in areas with tourism are protected,” he said. “Besides, where necessary, we recently imposed rules and closed borders that we had opened,” he added.

From 25. February until 19. July, a total of 4,007 infections have been recorded. 435 cases are active, 1030 were hospitalized, 2347 have recovered at home, and 195 died.

The head of Civil Protection urged people to continue with the protections measures, such as wearing masks and keeping safety distance and avoid crowding.

He sharply criticized that recent events where Olympiakos FC fans celebrated as if there was no tomorrow and no virus.

Regarding the local religious festivals that traditionally take place in August, he said that the relevent decision will be taken by the end of the month.

He ruled out a new lockdown like in spring saying “there is not such planning for a lockdown.” However, he did not rule out “local lockdowns” if necessary.

The live briefings are schedule once a week, on Tuesdays.

More information on coronavirus in Greece here, and travelling in the country amid the pandemic here.

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  1. If 295 new cases were from tourists, and 225 from the balkans, 6 from USA, where were the rest from please?
    How many UK?
    What happens to those who test positive, and to those who are negative but on the same flight?
    So little info out there.