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Outbreak alarm in Kavala: 24 factory workers tested positive

Coronavirus alarm in the prefecture of Kavala in north-eastern Greece: 24 workers at a meat procession plant have been tested positive on Covid-19. The fact that they are asymptomatic has increased concerns in an area that already counts infections due to tourists arrivals.

National Public Health Organization (EODY) confirmed Saturday noon, that 24 cases have been emerged from tests carried out by health teams in the broader area of the Kavala-Paggaio Regional Unit.

Almost all of the infected workers were asymptomatic, local media report.

A total of 120 workers in the factory have been tested, the results of other tests are due.

Health teams are tracking the contacts of the infected workers.

In the last few days, more infections have been detected in the broader area, report local media.

The area receives many tourists also form neighboring Balkan countries.

Prior to the EODY confirmation, the Medical Association of Kavala (ISK) had appealed to public to observe social distancing, wear masks and avoid crowding. The Association spoke of an “urgent situation,” and called on the Health Ministry and Civil Protection to conduct mass diagnostic tests but also to take additional measures for the area.

The ISK called also on local authorities and private organizers to postponed planned cultural events.

According to state broadcaster ERT TV, the famous festival of Kavala, Cosmopolis cancelled an event scheduled for next Thursday, August 6. The Festival of Filippoi did not cancel the scheduled concert of Stavros Xarhakos but urged citizens to attend only with the use of mask. The audience will be cut into half and limited to 1,000 people.

Meanwhile, the confirmed cases among guests at the wedding party in Thessaloniki have risen to 21, ERT TV reported on Saturday. Results from another 100 tests are due.

Due to recent spike of coronavirus cases, Greece imposed new restrictions to contain the spread of the virus. The measures go in force on August 1, among them the use of mask is mandatory in all closed spaces and strongly recommended outdoors.

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