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Instead of anticipated reshuffle, PM proceeds with “functional improvements”

The much anticipated and several times in the last weeks announced government reshuffle was supposed to take place initially in mid-July; then at the end-July and finally after August 15. At the end of the scenarios and government announcements the reshuffle took place today – but not really…

All ministers and alternate ministers kept their posts and just two were upgraded, in fact grabbing important sectors from the hands of the ministers.

Government spokesman Stelios Petsas described the changes as “functional improvements.”

There were five changes in total:

Theodoros Skylakakis was upgraded from deputy finance minister to Alternate Finance Minister responsible for fiscal policy.

Nikos Papathanasis was promoted from deputy development and investments minister to Alternate Development and Investments minister for private investment and public- and private-sector partnerships (PPPs).

New additions in the cabinet were:

Professor for Economics at Athens University Panagiotis Tsakloglou became deputy Labour & Social Affairs minister in charge of social insurance.

MP Zoi Rapti who will be deputy minister for health responsible for mental health issues

MP Nikolaos Tagaras as deputy environment and energy minister responsible for environmental protection.

At the end of the day, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis just mover a few pawns, thus leaving kind of exposed his Development and Labor ministers by handing over to the new alternate ministers very important resorts: the one of investment and of social insurance respectively.

Maybe the only important change is that we now have a minister in charge of Mental Health – as everybody knows that we, Greeks, suffer from the pandemic as much as everybody else in the world. But a lawyer in charge of our psychical balance?

Could this tiny reshuffle could also hint snap elections? Possible. Time will show.

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