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Greece sends ship with medical staff and humanitarian aid to Beirut

Landing ship IKARIA of the Hellenic Navy left Greece for the port of Beirut early Sunday morning. The ferry carries medical and nursing staff of the Armed Forces as well as humanitarian aid and medical-pharmaceutical material.

According to a statement by the Greek General Staff, the Ikaria will also load humanitarian aid at the port of Limassol following a request by Cyprus.

The humanitarian aid is material collected by the Greek Civil Protection.

During the stay of the ship at the port of Beirut, specific instructions and protocols for protection against the COVID-19 pandemic have been given – and will be applied by all passengers – in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the National Agency for Public Health.

The mission to assist the thousands of injured in the capital of Lebanon following the deadly explosion on Thursday afternoon, has been approved by the Minister of National Defense in cooperation with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Civil Protection.

Greece was among the first countries to offer assistance to the Lebanese authorities.

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