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Over 30 elderly in Thessaloniki nursing home tested positive

Coronavirus alert in Asvestochori by Thessaloniki, where 36 people in a nursery home for elderly were tested positive on Covid-19. Greece’s top epidemiologist Sotiris Tsiodras and the head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias rushed to nursery home on Wednesday.

According to media reports, two men and five women aged 80-92, were initially tested positive and were transferred to Papanikolaou Hospital.

Further tests to elderly guests and personnel, a total of 120 people, showed that 35 of them had contracted the disease. According to media, 31 elderly and 3 employees have been tested positive.

Earlier reports said that one member of the staff was the first to be tested positive on coronavirus.

Teams of National Health Care Organization (EODY) are in process of tracking the contacts of another 100 people, relatives and coworkers of the infected.

According to reports, the seven hospitalized elderly have underlying health issues.

Following his visit to the nursery home, Tsiodras said that the number of infected are 36, among them 33 elderly and 3 employees. He added that the source of the contamination was one employee who was in close contact with somebody who had attended a concert in Halkidiki.

Tsiodras said that the majority of infections in Thessaloniki are related to Halkidiki, and those in Athens to Cyclades, state broadcaster ERT TV reported.

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