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Two ferry passengers from Patmos detained for breaking quarantine

Three young people who arrived from the island of Patmos to the port of Pireaus on Sunday were detained by the Greek Coast Guard because they broke the quarantine following a COVID-19 test.

According to media, the group of four 26-year-old Greeks were on vacation on the island and one of them fell ill with fever. A Covid-19 test turned positive. Also the other three members of the group were tested on August 14.

The group had arrive don the island on August 10.

The infected was ordered to isolation and the other three as well until the test results were out..

However, the three changed their return tickets and left Patmos for Piraeus on Sunday morning, the mayor of Patmos said in a statement on August 16.

Test results on Sunday afternoon were positive for two of the young men, the third test was negative, the statement said adding that as soon as the results were out the doctor of the Patmos Health Center informed tha Coast Guard.

Upon their arrival in Piraeus, the two were detained and placed in isolation.

An investigation has been launched to find out whether the two infected knew of the test results. They may face fine of 5,000 euros each.

Another investigation will reportedly decide, whether necessary actions will be taken for the rest of the passengers of Blue Star 1 ferry, who had disembarked normally in Piraeus on Sunday evening.

Authorities are concerned about Greek holidaymakers returning especially from the islands and the Civil Protection alerted citizens on their mobile phones Monday noon.

There is strong recommendation that returning holidaymakers use a mask – even at home for a couple of days.

The number of coronavirus cases has been constant at some 200 people per day since more than a week. Among the youngest ages are two infants tested positive in Thessaloniki on Monday morning. One of them is 27 days old and the second 3.5 months old.

Fatalities rose to 230 after two more Covid-19 patients passed away in he last 12 hours.

More information on coronavirus in Greece here.

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  1. Greek authorities style of doing their job-the reason that Greece will face social end economic collapse.
    In the text it is said that the 3 guys were tested on 14th…that was Friday.
    When you arrive in Greece you receive an SMS saying that because of Covid you may be randomly tested and ‘you may need self-quarantine for 1 day’… before that the tex was with 24 hours. So for the people involved the obligation ended on Saturday. Why they have been detained on Sunday? Where is it written in the law, SMS or other sources that you must stay in one place for entire your vacation till the doctors, civil protection or Rome’s pope wakes up from boozing and give the test result?!
    On the Greece official page for PLF is stated that you may stay somehow appart from other people for 1 day if tested and will be announced only if the test is positive. So from the reaction of police it’s obvious that the foreigners obliged to provide negative test on arrival and be subject of random testing stay clear fron Greece because the law there it’s just a joke… if you don’t have a French ID you may stay in prison because a non functional state. If you have French passport it is ok as long as the greeks prays that France supports them with Turkey conflict (ok, a naive hope… France doesn’t matter in this kind of conflicts).

  2. At last, proof of what I have been saying for weeks; tourists entering Greece for their holidays care nothing at all for the health of Greek people by putting personal enjoyment of their holidays above everything else.

    These young people should each be fined the maximum possible and, once agin, the islands protected from the virus with a total non-essential travel ban