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Face masks mandatory at Greece’s public services

The use of masks by all employees and customers at public services is mandatory, according to a circular issued by the Interior Ministry on Monday.

Moreover, civil servants belonging to high-risk groups will have the option of working from home until August 31, according to the same circular.

In terms of shift schedules, the circular leaves it up to human resources departments to reintroduce three rolling shifts (07.00-15.00, 08.00-16.00 and 09.00-17.00) or even to provide services in shifts, regardless of the usual service hours, to decongest the offices and mass transport means when personnel are going to or leaving work.

Health officials have intensified a campaign to convince citizens to wear masks in all public areas amid an upward trend in coronavirus infections.

Coronavirus infections in Greece sharply rose to over 2,600 in the first two weeks of August, patients in hospitals ICUs increased and so did deaths that reached 230 on Monday.

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