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“Coronavirus vaccine will be in Greece end of December” says Health Minister

“The first dose of coronavirus vaccine will be in Greece at the end of December,” Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias said on Tuesday morning.

“Greece will have the first batch of vaccines that the European Union will buy from the Oxford vaccine as announced by European Commission Ursula von der Leyen,” the Minister said.

The vaccines will come in seven partial deliveries and “we will start with 700,000 doses in December,” he stated, adding that Greece will receive a total of 3 million doses.

He stressed that those who have priority in vaccination are the vulnerable groups.

Speaking about the recent “social relaxation” regarding the protection measures, he urged the young generation to stand by the government and protect vulnerable groups like the elderly.

Kikilias described the current coronavirus upward trend as “difficult” and the measures as “reasonable.” He added that health authorities will know about the trend in 14 days and new measures are to be considered.

He stated that where necessary a “local lockdown” will be imposed and that this is preferable to horizontal measures.

Regarding the infuenza vaccines, Minister Kikilias said that 4.2 million doses have been ordered and that the first to be vaccinated are the vulnerable groups and thus from October to December.

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  1. Vulnerable groups ?? Will that include all AMKA & IKA registered OAP’s who are resident in Greece but not Greek ?

    • Alexina Ashcroft

      I suspect they will rightly look after the indigenous elderly first.

      • I have not in twenty years seen any sign of differentiation between non-indigenous and indigenous people as regards health. This applies to both myself and my wife who have been treated extremely well when severe illnesses have occurred and all the necessary pre and post operation tests and scans. Rather surprised that such a comment has been aired on this site.!