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Ferry rescues girl on inflatable unicorn swept away by sea currents (videos)

A little girl on a big inflatable …unicorn was swept away by the sea currents and was rescued by a local ferry boat. The incident took place on Sunday in the sea area off the town of Antirio in the Gulf of Corith.

The girl between 4 and 5 years had reportedly “escaped the parents’ attention” – as the media normal note in such cases –  and was swept away from the shore on board of her favorite unicorn.

When the parents realized that their little daughter was out of sight, they informed the port authorities that on their part alerted the captain of the local ferry “Salaminomachos.”

The captain of the ferry on the Rio-Antirio route located the child in the middle of the sea and slowly approached with the ferry.

Crew members rescued both the girl and ..the inflatable unicorn.

The girl, that is seen to remain pretty cool during the adventure, was handed over safely to the parents.

The video below shows how things developed:

According to media, the ferry boat has recently picked up an elderly man from the sea who was also swept away from the currents in the area, while he was enjoying floating on a sea mattress.

The crew and the captain with his skilled maneuvers have rescued four people from the sea this month.

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  1. The poor thing. She for sure would have drowned if she had fallen of the unicorn.
    Kudos for the crew of the ferry! Well done.

    A bit of a hard lesson for the girl that unicorns don’t have magical powers…. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this story of a little girl and her best friend, the inflatable unicorn, swept out to sea
    on the currents but rescued by a loving bunch of burly ferrymen.
    Thank heaven, the weather was perfect.
    She will have this wonderful story to amaze all her friends, children, and grandchildren.
    The photos and video added so much vitality to the narrative.

    PS I am writing from Ohio USA.