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Appalling torture of dog by his owner in Chania triggers society outrage

The appalling torture of a dog in a village in Chania has mobilized hundreds of animal lovers not only in Crete. A local two-legged beast hanged his dog on a tree and cut his testicles. The neighbors did not react to the dog screaming in endless pain. It was a German national, volunteer to a local animal shelter, who heard the pain and intervened to rescue the poor animal.

The identity of the beat is known, his name, age, and pictures and address were posted on social media. He seems to be a well-known person in the area.

However, the 55-year-old perpetrator is still hiding 24 hours after the brutal torture in order to escape appearing before the prosecutor and being sentenced within the 48-hour in flagranti judicial procedures.

The incident took place in the village Kounoupidiana at 5:30 p.m. on Monday.

The German volunteer who was passing by heard the dog’s screaming and came closer to the home yard to see the dog owner committing this unprecedented crime.

He urged the perpetrator to stop immediately, took pictures and threatened him to call the police and have him arrested if they would not take the dog to the veterinarian.

the threats worked, they took the animal to the nearest veterinarian clinic and the torturer left saying “I go now so that they won’t arrest me.”

The dog was endlessly bleeding.

According to state-broadcaster ERT TV, the perpetrator had cut one testicle and injured the second one.

At the time of the torture, his pregnant in twins wife and his three children were at home.

The immediate care that was offered save the dog’s life. He underwent surgery and the vet did some miracle work.

Apparently its was not the first time the owner mistreated his dog as burn injuries probably caused by cigarettes were spotted on his head.

Police took the perpetrator’s wife and some other neighbors for questioning.

The wife reportedly said that the dog angered her husband as it wanted to play and “would not let him do some work.”

The poor animal seems to recovering well, is in a safe environment. His rescuers are seeking a foster home and
adoption. He is estimated to be 2-3 years old.

Video in English

The torture triggered an outrage and a storm of reactions among animal welfare organizations and animal lovers.

“Schocking dog abuse in Chania, he hung him and cut his testicles with pincers,” posted animal Welfare Society of Chania adding that they asked to prosecutor’s order.”Violence is beyond nay control,” they noted.

There are calls on social media for a gathering outside the perpetrator’s home on Wednesday afternoon. At the same time, animal lovers collect signatures to have the man fired from the local Public Power Corporation where he works.

The outrage is incredibly big and many accuse the neighbors as accomplices as they did nothing to stop the torture.

Some urge authorities in Chania to investigate as well if the man is providing a safe environment also to his children and remove them if necessary.

According to media, already on Monday night, people gathered outside the perpetrator’s home.

chairwoman of the Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Enviroment Federation, Natassa Bobolaki told local media that the Federation will do anything possible that he serves a sentence. He deserves the maximum sentence and without suspension, she said.

Bobolaki added that sentences in such cases do not work as a deterring factor and she suggested that the perpetrator serves a sentence in form of community service… helping dogs in a shelter.

“This impunity of the thousands of people who on a daily basis throughout Greece mutilate, hang, kill, poison all kinds of animals, allows them not to be afraid. The existing penalties does not work exemplary. We say to serve the sentence and let it be a community service, to go to a shelter to help.”

At the same time, the animal welfare community praises vet Costas Terezakis for the great work he did and thus free of charge as well as the German animal lover ((no other data available 🙁 ) who freed the dog from the torture.

PS Cretan men claim to be fearless; reality shows, though, they lack some essential body parts to be really brave men and they try to steal them from their dogs.

It is not the first and not the last case of brutal animal abuse in Chania, in Crete and else where in Greece. Unfortunately. If the Greece wants something to change, perpetrators should never escape with suspended sentences.

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  1. That person, I refuse to call him a man, should have the same treatment as he gave the poor dog!
    PS: dont blame all cretan males, there are a lot of wonderful men and women on Crete.

  2. This person, I won,t call him human, should have the same treatment,which he did to the poor dog. CUT of his balls,chain him and let him suffer forever, with being shamed by his family and friends. Anyway he will suffer forever,being an outcast.But his wife and children. When will they learn,these monsters. My heart is bleeding.

  3. What a sadistic coward.

    It was up to the German tourist to save the dog? No neighbors? Greece 2020? WAKE UP!

    He must be locked behind bars and in my opinion be hung and mutilated 🙂 He is an abomination to our kind and most likely a wife beater; a danger to his family. Silence is an accomplice to crime.

    Has the dog found a foster home yet? (Perhaps a safer home would be in Athens)

  4. This abuser is beneath the lowest kind of pathetic POS there exists. There’s no doubt that this POS that performs such cruelty and mutilations on helpless animals also abuses his family! That’s what makes him feel big. He needs to be hung up by his balls and left to die! The world cannot tolerate such hate and poison like him!!!