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Greek MEPs call on EP President to lift immunity of convicted Golden Dawn MEP

Two Greek members of the European Parliament have called on President David Sassoli to intervene for the MEP who was elected on the Golden Dawn ticket.The call comes just hours after the Appeals Court in Athens ruled that Golden Dawn is a “criminal organization” and MEP Giannis Lagos is one of the seven high-ranking party members convicted as leaders of the organization. Lagos in one of two MEPs on GD ticket, but the second was not convicted.

In letters to Sassoli, Nikos Androulakis (PASOK) and Dimitris Papadimoulis (SYRIZA) briefed the EP President of the judicial developments in Greece, noting that the court ruled that the party is a criminal organization responsible for the killings and attacks of Greeks and migrants.”.

“I consider it our duty to protect the institution of the European Parliament and I call on you to immediately initiate the necessary procedures to prevent this MEP from participating in the work of the EU’s only democratically elected body. Today, the Greek Justice took the first step. I invite you in this context to do the next ,” Androulakis wrote, among others,  in his letter

Papadimoulis, who is also Vice President of the European Parliament and head of the Eurogroup of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, wrote and briefed the entire parliamentary body of the European Parliament, including Sassoli.

According to media, before the EP can launch any procedure against Lagos, it has yet to be formally informed by the Greek state. After all, the Court ruling has to be finalized first.

This is needed to start the procedure in order to lift the immunity of the former GD MEP, who has now been convicted of leading a criminal organization.

The proposal will be made by the JURI Committee, the legal committee of the European Parliament, but will ultimately have to be approved by the Plenary.

After the court verdict Wednesday noon, Lagos went nuts and in a tweet, he described the Greek justice as “a minion and a slave dog of the system.”  He wrote in capital letters the main slogan of the colonels’ junta and , while in the same sentence he puts the trademark of the Colonel’s Junta, the “Greece of Greek Christians” and right afterwards spoke of the “junta of [ruling] New Democracy.” He said he was determined to continue his fight against them.

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  1. another good start- there should never have been immunity from the law for politicians to begin with!