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Greece launches interactive “Covid-19 Map” with measures, regions risk level

Greek Civil Protection and Digital Governance introduced an interactive tool, a Covid-19 Map, where citizens can check the level of alert due to coronavirus in their area and see if and what kind of restrictions and rules are being implemented. The tool Map of Health Safety and Protection from Covid-19 features four levels of preventive measures and rules for each regional unit in Greece.

The Greek government implements in the second phase of the pandemic targeted local measures for the safe and smooth continuation of economic and social life.

The determination of the level of risk in each area depends on the increasing or decreasing trend of epidemiological variables, such as the number of cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, the indicators of completeness of the Health system (eg simple beds used and beds of Intensive Care Units) and epidemiological situation, as reflected by the trace data,” a statement posted in the relevant website says.

The geographical reference and implementation of the measures is carried out at the level of the regional unit, unless exceptional circumstances arise in accordance with the protocols of the Ministry of Health and Civil Protection that justify exceptions at the local level within the regional unit.

The four levels are marked with the colors:

Green Level 1 = Readiness

Yellow Level 2 = Surveillance

Orange Level 3 = Increased Surveillance

Red Level 4 = Increased Danger

Note: Attica and Athens, the Greek capital, are featured in general and in four sections North, South, East and West.

The information about the precautionary measures in each region of the country can be done in three ways:

a) by selecting the regional unit from the relevant menu

b) by entering a postal code in the relevant field

c) by clicking on the area of ​​interest on the map.

Example: Zante/Zakynthos

When you scroll down or click for details Κλικ για Λεπτομέρειες you see the full list of measures and rules are imposed in the area and these include the use of masks in- and/or outdoors, maximum number of people at gatherings, events, operation time of restaurants, bars etc.

Excerpt for Zante/Zakynthos: Level 3 – Measures 7 Rules

The map and the instructions are in Greek.

The map will be updated every 14 days based on the recommendations of a special committee of infectious diseases of the Ministry of Health or more often when required by the health and epidemiological indicators. The definition of measures and rules is subject to modification based on the latest scientific and research data, authorities said.

The Tool “Map of Health Safety and Protection from Covid-19” is here at the website

You can also download the Health Safety and Protection Charter from covid-19 infection in PDF format here.

Head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias said during the live briefing on Friday that the toll will be officially inaugurated on Monday, October 12, 2020.

More information on the Covid-19 situation in Greece here.

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