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865 new coronavirus cases shock Greece; 6 more deaths

A nightmare number of daily coronavirus cases: 865 – the new all times negative record in Greece. On Wednesday evening , health authorities announced also another six deaths. At the same time, the Civil Protection placed the regional unit of Kastoria in lockdown and upgraded to category 3 “increased surveillance” the regional units of Ioannina, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Viotia and Serres.

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The total cases have increased to 27,334 and death toll to 534.


Of the new cases, 55 were detected among tourists.

Attica is again on top of the list with 331 new cases, followed by Thessaloniki with 181.

What is interesting is that health authorities had …psychologically prepared the public about today’s extraordinary number of daily cases, by leaking to the press that “a high number should be expected.”

Head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias described the current situation with the constant increase of daily case that could soon reach 4-digit, as “especially crucial.”

And it will be even more “crucial” and possibly also out of control, if commuters keep crowding in public transport means because the government failed to prepare the system (more buses, personnel and schedules) in time, or because local authorities turn a blind eye to “spontaneous parades” or if a part of the society believe they are “smarter” and “invulnerable.”

Official data October 21

According to the official daily bulletin on Wednesday, 3672 (13.4%) of the total coronavirus cases are related to travel abroad and 10802 (39.5%) are related to already known infection case.

55.6% of the infected are men.

The number of intubated patients in ICUs is 86 from 87 a day earlier. Their average age is 66, among them are 28 women. 91.9% have underlying health problems or are aged over 70.

265 people have been discharged from ICUs since the start of the pandemic in Greece.

Six more deaths in the last 24 hours increased death toll to 534.  Of the deceased 201 were women. The average age of the deceased was 79 and 96.3% of the deceased had an underlying condition or/and was over 70 years old.

Rolling weekly average cases at 550 from 365 last week.

Total tests since begin of outbreak are 1,588,713.

Tests in the last 24 hours: 19,915 with 4.34% of them positive. A good, normal number with less reason for concerns is when positive is below 2%.

Daily growth at +3.3%.

Geographical distribution October 21

Of the 865 new coronavirus cases, 82 are related to known clusters and 44 were detected at the country’s entry points.

Majority of new cases are recorded in Attica

44 of the new cases were detected at entry points; another 11 travelers already in the country sought laboratories after they developed symptoms.

The remaining cases are:

331 in Attica

181 Thessaloniki

41 under investigation

32 Ioannina

27 Kozani

23  Larissa

19 Serres, 13 Evia, 12 Aitoloakarnania

Each 10 Viotia, Achaia

8 Kavala, 7 Pieria

Each 6 Naxos, Lesvos, Heraklio

Each 5 Kilkis

Each 4 Trikala, Rodopi, Messinia, Evros

Each 3 Xanthi, Imathia, Ilia, Argolida, Halkidiki, Magninia

Each 2 Lakonia, Corinth, Fthiotida, Rhodes, Corfu

Each 1 Chios, Tinos, Lefkada, Kos, Kea/Kythnos, Kalymnos, Thira, Florina, Preveza

October 21: Map of infections in the last ten days, according to regional units – based on infected permanent or temporary residence – more charts here in pdf in Greek.

Ten students at the Military Academy in Athens were tested positive; one is hospitalized.

Positive have been tested also 4 workers in a factory in Laganas by Thessaloniki and 4 players of ARIS FC.

Several pregnant women have been placed in isolation after a gynecologist in Volos was tested positive.

One more case has been confirmed in the Greek Parliament, the third since last week.

One doctor in oncology public hospital Agios Savvas in Athens has been tested positive. Several doctors and nurses have been placed isolation, tests have been carried out to 10 cancer patients, the results are due.

18 workers at cotton ginning facility in Livadeia (Viotia) were tested positive to Covid-19, tests are to be conducted to the rest of a 70 workers in total.

More information about coronavirus in Greece here.

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  1. Since we live in Ioannina, it is very important to know how many cases we have…thanks, thanks…

  2. Please keep the geographic distribution of the cases. That is extremely important information. Thank you

  3. As above, please continue! It is very important and good to know! From outside Greece, you are the best source so far, to see where the evil virus hits.
    Thank you so much for your hard work!

  4. Please keep up with the geographic distribution. As people in the at risk group, it affects me and my friends’ decisions of what to do and where to go.

    I do struggle to completely reconcile the numbers published and the map bands. I record the numbers for Crete everyday on a spread sheet and calculate the number per 100,000 in a ten day period for the 4 prefectures. Currently Heraklion, Rethymnon and Lasithi figures agree with the map. I make Chania 3.125 but map shows 5 to 9? Are there missing cases in the report that are shown on the map? If so why?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      over 3000 in Chania? maybe form the outbreak in February? otherwise, no idea, sorry. thanks for the feedback.

  5. The geographic distribution is very informative. Thank you for all the work you do to provide this.
    Is there any source in English, or in Greek, where we can see the geographic distribution in Attika?

  6. These articles are very informative and very important!

    I live in Serbia, and we here do not have any reliable information about geographical distribution of Covid cases in our country!
    In my town, the” newest” data were released on July 19th!! During summer, all hospitals in the country were overcrowded with seriously ill and dying patients, but the official numbers of Covid cases were low ( a terrible, terrible lie!). And now the official numbers are high but there are no crowds in hospitals, nobody is really ill?!
    So the people in Serbia are confused, angry and scared, and do not trust the government. Do not let this happen in Greece.

  7. Thank you for bringing up the issue with public transportation, it is hard to understand why no one else is talking about this.
    Day after day the buses are packed like sardines, yet whatever place we get off to go to, it is stressed there must be social distancing and small groups only…. and to not comply is irresponsible.
    There is great need for major improvements to public transportation.