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Priest lifts child to kiss corpse of Bishop who died of Covid-19

A priest is lifting a child, letting it kiss the corpse of the Bishop of Langadas Ioannis who died of Covid-19. The body of the Bishop is in an open coffin so that other priests and faithful pay their respect.

The child is lucky to have its face mask on. Some priests, including the one who lifted it took their masks off to kiss the corpse of the clergyman.

Men wearing hazard uniforms had carried the coffin with great care in the Metropolis of Langadas. But all protection ended at the point.

Video: snapshot with the child (06:28), priest taking off masks (01:37:12)

These images that were posted on mainstream media websites and social media provoked strong reactions, at a time when coronavirus infections are on the rise across the country, while deaths and intubations increase rapidly and some insist on not even following the basic protection measures. Some news websites commented “unacceptable” and shocking”.

The 62-year-old Bishop of Langadas who had underlying issues with diabetes and heart died on Sunday morning, almost a week after he got infected. His funeral was held on Monday.

Several other Bishops have been infected with the virus, after participating in the festive religious service of Saint Demetrious on October 26 in Thessaloniki and later at three meting of the Holy Synod.

Some media and dozens of Greeks on social media have been demanding that “restrictions” and “fines for those violaitng” should apply also the priests.

The government let know that it would send prosecutors and fine the clergy when they violate the measures.

Nothing has done, so far.

For a conservative right-wing government, it is obviously easier to send 6,000 riot policemen in downtown Athens to harass and detain journalists and beat elderly communists or fine a woman for laying a flower at Polytechnio site than to touch the Holy Community.

PS A communist or a leftist would never vote for New Democracy, but the priests and their congregation would. It’s simple.

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  1. Ok, well it’s not *exactly* that. The kid kissed the coffin of the bishop, not the corpse. He was the ONLY one to do it – so that’s, again, not so bad. And, as you said, he kissed the coffin with his mask on.

    What’s MORE concerning are the pictures of all the people standing in various places to participate in the mass. All of them standing there, cheek by jowl, maskless for the most part. No evidence of social distancing at all. Also, the number of masks at half staff as people put their noses out. There is a priest who by the 43rd minute has lowered his mask so much that his top lip is just barely covered. No one seems to care that they are being videotaped and broadcast to the world and showing clear violations of the law.

    Not that this doesn’t happen here either. When I was at church last Sunday, almost half the attenders (a reduced number)had their nose out or their mask under their chins. We have now been reduced to an attendance of 50 people.

  2. Oh my, how the clergy are so responsible and caring for their worshippers! It is truly inspiring! But if you believe that taking off your mask is OK then I guess it is your problem, right? Or maybe not. The whole hing comes down to social responsibility for everyone.

  3. It was a closed coffin. Media once again pushing an agenda.