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Greek authorities seize 35 kg cocaine loaded on ship from Ecuador

Thirty packages of cocaine, weighing a total of 35 kilos, were found in a container in the port of Piraeus by the Drug Prosecution Sub-Directorate of the Attica Security Directorate.

The container was declared as “food items.”

After evaluating information, the Hellenic Police found the packages of cocaine hidden in the walls of the container, Greek Police said in a statement.

The container was loaded on a ship that departed from the Port of Guayaquil in Ecuador on November 15, 2020  and had arrived at the Port of Piraeus on Dec 7.

The Drug Prosecution Sub-Directorate is conducting a preliminary investigation and cooperation has already been developed with the relevant authorities abroad, in order to locate and arrest the perpetrators.

The investigations were carried out by the Drug Prosecution Department of the Financial Crimes Division, the Directorate of Drug Prosecution and Smuggling of the Coast Guard, the 3rd Customs Directorate of Piraeus and the assistance of the D.E.A. Office. of the US Embassy in Athens.

More than 150 containers were inspected in 20 days, until authorities located the cocaine load.

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