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UK added to list of non-EU countries allowed to Greece from Jan 7

Greece’s Civil Aviation Authority has added the United Kingdom (UK) to the list of non-EU countries from which citizens are allowed entry to Greece as of 7. January 2021. The decision is due to Brexit in full effect since Jan 1.

In a air notification (NOTAM) issued on Saturday, 2. Jan 2021, the CAA said that citizens flying to Greece from Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Rwanda, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom can enter Greece as of midnight on Thursday, January 7, 2021.

The inclusion of UK nationals in the list of non-EU citizens is aligned with the necessary changes brought along by the Brexit agreement having taken full effect on January 1, the authority added.

It should be recalled that all international flight passengers entering Greece until January 7, undergo mandatory quarantine at home or at the place they have declared on the PLF form for 3 days.

For arrivals from United Kingdom the quarantine is for 10 days. Arrivals from the UK, must undergo an additional PCR test in order exit the quarantine.

The CAA notam recalls also the obligation of international passengers incl those from UK for a negative PCR test 72 hours before arrival in Greece and the mandatory Passenger Location Form (PLF) before departure.

CAA notam in Greek here.

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  1. Block travellers from UK! They are having since 1 week each day over 50.000 new cases! Today 57.762!!! Cases in Greece going finally down! Biggest mistake to let the Brits in to the country!!

    • Unfortunately, you are right. In a few weeks or months the situation will change but for the moment the surge in novel covid cases in the UK makes caution the sensible path.

  2. OK, Hope Greece isn’t relying on UK holiday bookings.

  3. With the virus completely out of control in the UK of course they should be allowed to add to our own lamentable virus loads

  4. Government extended the lockdown until January 11th but Brits are allowed to come to Greece! Makes no sense! Even Turkey is suspending all flights from and to UK! Keep the Brits out of Greece otherwise this will be a never-ending story!

  5. Genuinely don’t understand the logic. Has tightened everything in the country again until 11th Jan but is keeping the border open to a country who has lost all control of the virus. Sadly the entry tests are not sufficient in these circumstances.

  6. Jacqueline Slade

    No need to worry yourselves too much. Most of the population of the UK is in Tier 4 and can’t leave the County anyway…

  7. Probably a bad case of FOMO? In another KTG article the government claims that there are currently no cases of the variant that is causing more rapid spread in the UK. Other countries in the world have already got the new variant due to travelers from the UK. Clearly Greece is afraid it will be left behind in the race to get a variant that spreads more rapidly.

    PS I am not sure how Greece knows that it hasn’t got any cases of the new variant? They seem to be struggling (or reluctant?) to even do the amount of testing that is needed. What percentage of test samples are they also genome sequencing? What genome sequencing capacity does Greece have?

  8. Please, wait a few more weeks, he who hastes relents at leisure .
    Sue xx