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Mask-deniers beat metro worker in station in downtown Athens (video)

An employee of the Athens metro  was hospitalized on Wednesday after he was beaten by two young men who had earlier refused to wear the mandatory masks inside the metro.

According to a statement by the metro managing company STASY, the employee, a station manager, asked the two men on the Anthoupoli-to-Omonia train to wear their masks and take their feet off the seats.

When the employee disembarked at Omonia station, the two followed him at the train platform and attacked him with punches and kicks.

The perpetrators fled and the 45-year-old victim was taken to hospital with an ambulance.

Police is looking for the two men who are reportedly 20-25 years old evaluating material form security cameras installed in metro stations.

The attack took place at 1 0’clock Wednesday noon.

The STASY has condemned the attack and said it will “take all necessary measures to prevent similar incidents against its employees in the future.”

It also said it will take initiatives to raise public aware for the respect of health measures and of those at the front lines of the mass transportation means.

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