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Extremely low temperature of -19.3°Celsius recorded in Greece

Extreme cold prevailed on Monday morning on the Greek mainland and particularly in the region of Western Macedonia, where temperature dropped to as low as -19.3 degrees Celsius.

Frozen river in Florina, western Macedonia

The lowest temperatures in Greece recorded by the automated weather stations of the National Observatory of Athens network were in Mesovouno Kozani (-19.3C), Koilada Kozanis (-19.3C), Kitrini Limni Kozanis (-17.6C), Nevrokopi (-15.7C) and Florina (-15.5C).

The third and last phase of the snow weather front “Leandros” is in progress in the morning hours of Monday 18/01. The barometric low has moved to Crete.

As forecast heavy snowfalls occurred in many areas of the Peloponnese from the night hours until dawn. The highest snow heights have been reported in Tripoli.

According to the latest forecast data of the National Observatory of Athens service, rains and storms in the southern island and coastal parts and in Crete are expected on Monday.

Snowfall even in lowland areas of the east and south of the country, including parts of the prefectures of Attica and Viotia, will continue until late in the afternoon decreasing in intensity and extent.

Frost and total frost is forecast in areas with temperature below the freezing point on Monday night and Tuesday morning, Jan 18-19

Leandros has been sweeping across Greece since last Thursday, covering white large parts of the country. Snowflakes fell also on the mountains of islands in the central Aegean sea, like Paros.

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Leandros and snow may go but low temperatures will remain. The weather is forecast to improve as of Thursday, Jan 21, 2021.


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