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Opposition parties slam Greek Gov’t for banning gatherings of more than 100 people

Opposition parties slammed the decision of the Greek government to ban public gatherings of more than 100 people when it comes to protests but not consumers crowding in commercial areas with the aim to shopping.

Using the pandemic as pretext, the Chief of Greek Police issued a ban on public gatherings of more than 100 people and thus for six days, until February 1, 2021. Reasons for this decision without logic and epidemiologists’ suggestion has been the nationwide students’ protest against police presence in universities scheduled for Thursday, Jan 28.

SYRIZA, KKE, KINAL and MeRA25 criticized the government and accused it for “authoritarianism”, “anti-democratic suppression” and “junta-style” rules.

SYRIZA: Gov’t sees pandemic as an opportunity to engage in suppression

In a statement main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance said that “the self-evident observance of protection measures and avoidance of overcrowding cannot serve as a government pretext for arbitrary and anti democratic decisions.

The government does not deal with the pandemic as an issue of public health but as an opportunity to engage in suppression. With panicked moves it continues to lie and hide behind the [committee of] health experts, while at the same time it refuses to take the obvious measures for tackling the pandemic.

Such measures would include actions to make public transport safer and less crowded, to ensure compliance with protection measures in workplaces where the majority of new cases are detected according to the International Medical Association president, and real support for the public health system, with the hiring of doctors instead of special police guards.

The left-wing party calls for measures to economically support workers and businesses and slammed the Prime Minister for not making public the minutes of the health experts committee.

KKE: Authoritarianism and suppression are permanent ingredients of the government’s policy

Communist KKE said that the government is implementing a series of measures that provoke justified reactions, such as  the education ministry’s plan (for police in universities), is a political choice and a confession that authoritarianism and suppression are a permanent ingredient of its policy.

“The rest, regarding the protection of public health, are just fictions when the government is itself responsible for not ensuring the protection measures in work places, schools, public transport means and elsewhere. Especially when it has been proved that rallies are not responsible for spreading of the virus as the first to abide by the protection measures are those that demand them, namely the students, the teachers, the pupils and their parents.

KINAL: Political poverty leads to ridiculous and tragicomic situations

KINAL/PASOK said in a statement that “the political poverty of the government leads it to ridiculous and tragicomic situations, good for vaudeville comedies but bad for the the protection of citizens’ life and health.

On the one hand, the government looks with unprecedented carelessness to limit the crowding by consumers, on the other hand, it presents as restrictions easing that a new police decision that now allows gatherings of 99 people and prohibits them when people become 101.

«Όταν βέβαια δεν απειλεί με ποινές και τιμωρίες τους νέους, κατά το πρότυπο της Υφυπουργού Παιδείας. Επικαλείται μάλιστα εισηγήσεις της επιτροπής λοιμωξιολόγων, που οι ίδιοι αμφισβητούν. Οφείλουν να σοβαρευθούν και να παρουσιάσουν επιτέλους ένα ολοκληρωμένο σχέδιο για το ασφαλές άνοιγμα των δραστηριοτήτων»,

When it does not threaten young people with fines and punishments, according to the model of the Deputy Minister of Education, of course. The government goes so far to invoke recommendations by the infectious disease committee, which members dismiss them.

They have to get serious and finally present a comprehensive plan for the safe opening of activities.

MeRA25: Violation of the Constitution

Varoufaki’s MeRA25 described the police decision as a “junta-like ruling.”

Mitsotakis’ government insists on the anti-democratic and authoritarian path of banning the right to assemble.

The youth and the student movement that reacts to the monster law [ by Education and Citizens Protection Ministries] is targeted, when the Development Minister is satisfied with consumers on the streets and the government continues to legislate on key issues in the midst of a pandemic, allowing citizens only to consume but not to demonstrate.

The ban is once again generalized and has no specific reason as well as no real recommendation by of the committee of infectious diseases. The new arithmetic restriction does not stop from violating the right to assemble and the Constitution.

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