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Greece to legislate “a special visa” for “digital nomads,” says Migration Minister

Migration Minister Notis Mitarakis announced a legislative initiative for the introduction of a visa for “digital nomads”, that is the “new global category of workers who work remotely and are looking for attractive destinations to settle.” The legislation will be in cooperation with the Greek Foreign Ministry.

Speaking to Sunday newspaper protothema, Mitarakis pointed out that “we must create an organized and at the same time attractive environment for the mass arrival of people who choose this technologically advanced form of employment.”

The introduction of a special purpose residence permit, a so-called “digital visa” will be combined with tax facilities that will lead to more permanent investments, the Minister said.

He added that the beneficiaries of this new visa must meet certain criteria, mainly the income criteria of digital nomads.

“The legislative initiative will result in the inflow of know-how, financial and intellectual capital in our country,” Mitarakis added.

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  1. Je suis extrêmement intéressé par ce visa. C’est quelque chose qui se fera prochainement, avez-vous plus d’information? Je parlais justement à mon employeur de la possibilité de faire du télétravail en Grèce (je suis déjà en télétravail)

    I am extremely interested in this visa. This is something that will be done soon, do you have more information? I was just talking to my employer last week about the possibility of teleworking in Greece (I am already teleworking)

    • Marcelis Vanmechelen

      Bonjour Nancy,
      Moi j’ai une petite maison en Crete et cet été, j’ai tele-travaillé de là-bas. C’était fantastique, donc moi aussi je suis très interessé.
      Le seul problème peut être que la société pour laquelle vous travailler sera obligé d’ établir une siège sociale en Grèce. Je ne sais pas sur, mais ça peut être le cas.
      Bàt, Marc
      (mes excuses pour le français qui est sans doute plein d’erreurs 🙂

  2. …so more accomodations to a small club of jetsetters with ‘income criteria’, while the actual greek citizens keep getting screwed harder and harder. we’re just about at the point where people would rather vote for erdogan to take over, than keep any longer any of these davos-lackeys who know nothing other than how to sell the nation out to bankers over and over again.

  3. Greece sucks. It takes weeks just to get electricity, rents are expensive and internet is slow.