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KINAL on pandemic measures: “Gov’t behaves like a wandering theater troupe”

Opposition party Movement for Change (KINAL)/PASOK  accused the government of “inconsistency and improvisations that generate more insecurity for the citizens.” Ia a statement issued on Tuesday ahead of a “hard lockdown” in Attica, KINAL said that the restriction measures the government has imposed are problematic.

KINAL that the government should “get serious” and that it was not permissible, in these difficult times, to “behave like a wandering theater.”

“We expect serious, corroborated and effective decisions. Mr. Mitsotakis must at last assume his responsibilities,” the party said.

In the same announcement, KINAL criticized Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias for saying that he intends to propose a harsher lockdown to the scientific committee and that schools are clusters for infection that spread the virus.

PS to tell you the truth, given the many controversial measures and confusion about them created by ministers, many Greeks claim on social media we are ruled by “clowns in a wandering circus”…. Greece is practically in lockdown since Nov 7, 2020, and the government is implementing an accordion police of opening and closing business activities and schools with the effect that now we are again at the same level of infections as end of Oct 2020.

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