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Koufontinas’ health “seriously deteriorated,” says Lamia Hospital

The health of Dimitris Koufontinas has “seriously deteriorated” on Saturday, Head of Lamia General Hospital of Lamia, Andreas Kolokithas, announced in the evening. Convict terrorist Koudontinas is in hunger and thirst strike requesting his transfer from the prison on Domokos, Central Greece, to Korydalos in Athens,

He is currently being treated in the hospital’s intensive care unit for 12th consecutive day, after having first been treated for 22 days in a regular pathology ward.

“In full compliance with current legislation, ICU staff are taking all the necessary medical and pharmacological actions to deal with the consequences of the patient’s persistent refusal to eat or receive liquids”,  the hospital said in its statement.

“The medical staff continues to provide its services in accordance with the code of medical ethics, in order to ensure the health of the patient with full respect for human rights”, the hospital statement concluded.

On Friday, the prosecutor’s office in charge ordered forced-feeding of the convict.

According to media reports, his family was allowed to visit him on Saturday. He has reportedly ordered to not receive CPR.

Koufontinas has been jailed at the Domokos agricultural prison, near Lamia, and began his hunger strike on January 8 in demand of his transfer to high-security Korydallos prison, in western Athens, where he was previously serving his sentence of 11 times life imprisonment plus 25 years. Korydallos has an isolation area for November 17 convicts.

Four out of five in total opposition parties called on the government to reconsider its attitude and stance towards the convict.

SYRIZA: “According to doctors, the life of Dimitris Koufontinas, convicted for terrorism, hangs on a thread. At this last minute, I call on the government to change its stance so that [the life] is not cut. Human life in a state governed by the rule of law is the highest good. Even when it comes to convicts because they did not respect it.” Alexis Tsipras on social media.

KINAL/PASOK: “The government has trapped itself in its own failed dealing of the case. It is the government’s legal  provision for [Koufontinas’] transfer to the initial detention prison (Korydallos), now invoked are procedural tricks [coronavirus]. 

Democracy punishes, does not retaliate, is not blackmailed. The government must not allow a ruthless, serial killer, an unrepentant terrorist, to become a supposed symbol of struggle. The government – which created the problem – must find a solution to prevent his death from a hunger strike.”

KKE: Koufontina’s actions have been judged politically, morally and legally with his conviction. Today, however, this is not judged, but the right of a detainee to fair and dignified treatment, who is sacrificed on the altar of the government choices that demonstrates state fist and seeks an alibi of repression with the ultimate recipient being the people. The government must find a solution, in order to avoid his death from a hunger strike.”

MeRA25: “Discord and disorientation of public opinion: The unforgivable strategic goal of K. Mitsotakis to divide the citizens between supporters and opponents of Koufontinas, with the rule of law remaining unsupported, cachectic, humiliated.” Yanis Varoufakis.

The government insists that “it is not blackmailed” neither that it would apply “preferential treatment” to Koufontinas. “He could appeal [his not transfer to Korydallos] legally,” is the latest narrative.

Koufontinas’ lawyer Ioanna Kourtovik sent a lengthy letter to mass media on Sunday evening in which she states that her client has appealed since Jan 11 and blamed the General Secretariat in charge for not releasing the documents. Kourtovik accused the government of “lying” for the last two days. Yet, she also added that “the Prime Minister was  misled” on the issue.

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  1. “The medical staff continues to provide its services in accordance with the code of medical ethics, in order to ensure the health of the patient with full respect for human rights”, the hospital statement concluded. (He has chosen to die as HIS human right — so why not respect that and let him die).

  2. I dont think he wants to die,he wants to get his own way which he did under the previous government,let out for weekends,home with the family,nice BBQ in the garden even though he has eleven life sentencesThe previous government obviously felt some empathy in his case,thats strange.

  3. What he has done and been convicted for in a court of law was not human at all! How can he want to be treated as he likes?? Excuse me but if you do unhuman things you have to take the blame and punishment for it. To blackmail a goverment to get what you want in this case is utterly out of the question, if he wants to die its his own desition. A human cant do such things to his fellow humans!