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37-day-old baby infected with Covid-19 dies in Athens hospital

Α 37-day-old baby infected with Covid-19 passed away on Monday. The youngest fatality in Greece was struggling for life intubated in Children’s Hospital Aglaia Kyriakou in Athens since February 17.

Despite doctors’ efforts it didn’t make it and his health was deteriorating day by day.

The boy had no underlying health issues.

The baby contracted the coronavirus a few days after his birth and developed severe symptoms like acute breathing difficulties and pneumonia caused by Covid-19.

According to state broadcaster ERT, the baby’s parents and his older siblings were infected with the coronavirus.

Last week, Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias made a reference to the little boy. During a live briefing, he expressed the wish that the baby gets well soon.

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  1. A sad death, but did this child die of COVID, or with COVID. There is a difference……

  2. Poor little baby and his parents, such sorrow! You are right, Dave! There is a big difference between this two words, with or of! And so hard to determine which one to use……

    • Yeah, right Dave & Mika!
      It is disgusting to abuse the dying of a child to raise these type of discussion, died with/died of. Especially as the article clearly states at multiple positions what happened to the little one and what symptoms he/she developed.
      Do you have the urge to do this because OF a lack of brain and empathy or WITH a lack of brain and empathy? For me there is no big difference!