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More Greek regions in tougher lockdown, extension in others, schools suspension until Mar29

Head of Civil Protection and Deputy Minister Nikos Hardalias announced on Friday that nine regional units and municipalities are placed in tougher lockdown due to increased epidemiological risk and extended the tough measures also to regions like Attica for another week.

At the same time, he announced that following epidemiologists recommendations, schools across the acountry will be closed March 16-29, 2021. Education will be only per online classes. Note that schools were shut down for lessons with physical presence only in “high risk” areas.

Lockdown extended until March 22, 2021 in:

Attica, Aitoloakarnania, Achaia

Viotia, Evia (exception Skyros) Fthiotida, Fokida

Argolida, Arcadia, Corinth


Arta, Thesprotia

Heraklio, Samos,

Lefkada (except Meganisi municipality)

Municipalities of Kalymnos, Rhodes, Chios, Anogia (Rethymno unit, Crete)

Tougher lockdown: Regions and municipalities placed in “high risk” regime (deep red) from 6 a.m. Saturday, March 13 until Monday, March 22, 2021:

Regional units:

Halkidiki, Evrytania, Lesvos


Ioannina, Metsovo, Katerini Chania, Skiathos

The remaining regions remain in increased risk (red.)

Daily confirmed infections have been constantly 2,000-2,500 all through the week with the majority of them in Athens and Attica.

Flying kites on Clean Monday (March 15)

Hardalias said that that citizens will be allowed to fly the traditional kites on Clean Monday (March 15, 2021)  sending sms <6> for personal exercise to 13033.

He said that the same measures as for a normal Monday are valid such as movement is allowed within the municipality or up to 2 km from residence.

Curfew 9 pm-5 am and 7 pm -5 am on Saturday and Sunday.


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  1. Boris Johnson should be ashamed of himself. He purports to be a Greek scholar so how can he say that the marbles were legally obtained from Greece according to the laws of the time?!! The marbles were STOLEN from Greece which was under Ottoman rule at the time and Lord Elgin negotiated with the Turks not the Greeks. He also damaged and broke some of them in the process of dismantling them from where they belong – the Parthenon.
    What a great thing it would be for the British Museum to return the marbles on 25 th March this year , being the 200 th anniversary of Greek Independence! Prince Charles is due to attend and it would be great if he could sail into Piraeus with them! I am sure the Greek navy would assist and there wound a rapturous welcome!

    • Please, if English would not rescue marbles, it would get destroyed. You already burried most of athens under concrete in 1960ties. Greek government is not even capable to build pedestrian paths on Acropolis.

  2. I wonder if the Greek government is actually trying to encourage riots, so they can declare a military dictatorship? There is no other obvious explanation for their outrageous behaviour and open attacks on democracy, freedom of speech, right to assembly, etc.

  3. When will this government realise lockdowns don’t work. Vaccinations do. When are you going to realise this. You can’t keep doing this to people.

    • Apart from China at the start of the pandemic no government has actually implemented a lockdown, they have all implemented a number of movement restrictions, which are a very long way from a lockdown. A lockdown works because nobody goes anywhere and mixes with no one. Movement restrictions may or may not work depending on Ro and the strength of the restrictions. At the start of the pandemic, when Ro was around 3, the movement restrictions imposed by Greece did work. More recently, when Ro had increased to 4.5 with the UK variant dominating infections and the restrictions considerably weaker than at the start, they did not work.

      Vaccinations will only be able to replace movement restrictions when about 80 % of the population have been vaccinated. Greece is a very long way from that. If you remove restrictions before that level is reached it will be carnage.

      • Pedantic nonsense. Countries have locked down all businesses other than food shops, stopped people from going about their normal lives, stopped people from leaving their homes without answering to the police, and paying a fine if they haven’t obeyed laws that are actually unlawful…

        Whi pays you to post all this pro-government propaganda?

    • How can you vaccinate when there are no vaccin available?? Look at the facts and turn on the firms that promised to deliver vaccin but did’nt (in spite of already payed deliveries) instead!

    • Exactly! Why are they not vaccinating anyone on a Sunday? Even in May, there are no vaccination slots on a Sunday. By this time they will have twice the amount of vaccinations to do as people will be getting second doses as well.

  4. well the other day we were told the figures are back to what they were last november, which proves lockdowns, or movement restrictions, whatever you wanna call it, do not work. so the last 17 weeks seem to be a complete waste of time. people are getting ill because of this now. mental health is on the increase for some people, its absolutely disgusting what they are doing to people.

  5. and all this over a virus with a 99.7% survival rate.

  6. No country in Europe has closed school so long. They believe that opening retail before schools is a good thing. No wonder we are where we are! No investment in the future generation nor in the hospitals. Its crazy. How will we compete with anyone if the government takes so many bad decisions!

  7. In the UK definitely vaccinations are being given 7 days a week (including Sundays). Why can’t the Greeks give vaccinations on a Sunday, or are they just too lazy to work an extra day?

    • yes they are even some GREEKS have admitted what does that tell you. they even try to avoid legalise there homes.

  8. Dave van de Gevel

    I agree with Elizabeth Scott regarding the Parthenon marbles. When they were ‘obtained’ by Lord Elgin, the Ottoman firman( licence to excavate and remove items) was the subject of much bribery and corruption.
    They were not obtained legally and certainly without reference to the Greek population. Bhua’s comments are no more than a red herring as an excuse for theft of national treasures.
    It is time that Britain returned the marbles, despite what Johnson may say. They are an iconic part of Greek culture. The British Museum could reproduce them in plaster and still have a display.
    So much was plundered by various northern European countries in the 18th and 19th centuries.
    It is time to make amends. Merlina Mercouris’ passion on this subject was a true reflection of what it means to the Greeks as a whole.